Christopher William Pitts

Computer Scientist

Albuquerque, NM

I work at Sandia National Laboratories, where my department focuses on work in autonomous sensing and perception. I recently introduced continuous integration to the development process of several large projects at Sandia, and one of my teams won a Labs-wide Employee Recognition Award for 2019. When I’m not working on things I can’t talk about, I enjoy losing board games to my wife, building a programmable smart home, and telling my toddler why she should love penguins.


University of New Mexico

Class of 2024

PhD of Computer Science

Georgia Institute of Technology

Class of 2020

Master of Computer Science

Brigham Young University

Class of 2017

Bachelor of Computer Science

selected publications

  1. Supercharge Your Bash Prompt
    Pitts, C. W.
  2. Build Awesome Websites With Flask Python
    Pitts, C. W.
  3. Programming With Bash For Fun And Profit
    Pitts, C. W.